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Name:BLU Sniper || Mason Mundy
Birthdate:Dec 18

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BLU Sniper || Mason Mundy

Sniper is the crotchety Australian marksman of the BLU team. This particular version is from Badwater Basin, though he's been stationed at every base except Sawmill and Teufort. He travels around to all the bases on a weekly basis, doing his job which is shooting the RED's right in the middle of their heads. He loves his job, but he considers it just a job, he doesn't kill people on his down time, and has no personal grudges with the members of RED.

His specialty is taking people out from long range, either with his futuristic Machina or his hand made bow, therefore he's pretty terrible at close quarters combat with his shiv, though he's fairly decent in a brawl.

Despite his crankiness and general grouchiness, he's not unfriendly, and deep down he's a pretty good guy.

Stats at a Glance!
Base: Badwater Basin
Age: 37
Height: 6' 7"
Appearance: He wears practical pants and a long sleeved blue shirt with a vest full of pockets on top. His shirt has an attached hood and mask, though he most often wears his hat full of teeth that he's taken from his kills.

He's left handed and has to modify all his guns in order to be able to use them as such. He has a deep scar across his cheek from when the RED Spy attacked the base, not to mention his back is entirely filled with scars from being backstabbed by Spies.

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